Lips Natural volume

May create a fuller natural looking lip, correct asymmetry and diminish ageing lines. Lasts for 6-8 months

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Ultra thick

May create a more accentuated pout look, correct asymmetry, diminsh ageing lines. Lasts 12+ months

Vogue Lip & Flip

Lip Filler and Lip Flip (Lip n' Flip)

Helps in relaxing muscles around the upper and lower lip utilising anti wrinkle treatment. With additional volume to create an accentuated cupids bow defined vermillion border, full and volumous lips.


cheek lift subtle

Helps to create a higher looking cheek bone, creates the foundation and support to the lower face.

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Nasolabial lines

Helps to diminish the bilateral lines from the nose to mouth region. Better results when combined with cheek volume.


Cheek lift

Helps to create a volumous Cheek Bone, greater definition. The cheeks create the foundation and support of the lower face.


Marionette Lines

Helps to diminish or soften lines in the lower face around the mouth, often caused by fat loss and loss of structure over time.

Anti Wrinkle

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Helps with softening or diminishing lines around the forehead area

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Crows feet

Assists in diminishing and softening lines around the periorbital rim. (smile lines around the eyes).

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Frown Lines

Glabella region - Helps to diminish or soften heavy lines between your eyebrows. May assist in tension headache relief


Smokers lines

Helps to diminish or soften the lines around the mouth

lip flip.jpg

Lip flip

Helps to relax outer lip muscles of the vermillion border which gives the appearance of a filler look (fuller upper and lower lips). Can be combined with dermal filler for an accentuated fuller look.


Other treamentS

Areas such as seat glands (underarm), neck area, massater (jaw grinding/jaw slimming), brow lift and bunny lines, gummy smile, dympled chin

Areas can be requested.

Package deals

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Volume lip n flip

Helps to create full natural volume in addition to anti wrinkle treatment around the vermillion border.

ultra thick

Ultra thick lip n flip

Helps to create full volumous lips in addition to anti wrinkle treatment around the vermillion border.

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Full non-surgical facelift

All areas of anti-wrinkle treatment combined plus 3 filler treatments *(not including ultra thick filler- fully tailored to your facial requirements). Gives you a fully refreshed, redefined and restored face.