My passion lays not only with the strong desire to help others, but also within the field of art.

Through Vogue Cosmetica I can combine my skills. Having an intensive care background, I have aquired a somewhat observant clinical eye, and constantly strive for perfection which is certainly an asset in cosmetic injectables.


Hi, my name is Rohiya Contessa.

I am a registered Nurse-Clinical Nurse, with Vogue Cosmetica. I have 10 years experience across multiple fields of nursing, however my primary fields of expertise include Cosmetics, Neonatal Intensive Care and medical imaging/radiology. I am also a dietician and a professional athlete. 

I have been drawn to Cosmetic Injectables, as I feel as it is a very personal way of helping people achieve their desired results on the most delicate part of their body - their face. We are all highly critical of ourselves and my goal is to help people feel more confidence and boost their self esteem. These procedures may help in producing natural looking changes that highlight, enhance, lift or smoothen the signs of ageing or asymmetry. 

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